Terra is active in the hotel industry – a stable, attractive sector that yields excess returns and steady cash flow.
This industry is now growing due to an influx of millions of tourists from Asia (primarily India and China), and enjoys a high-potential, low-risk window of opportunity.
Terra benefits from extensive professional experience and knowhow in new hotel development, and in the initiation, construction, and management, including joint ventures
with major industry players in Israel and overseas.


Terra's team has vast experience managing the international Sheraton and Accor chains in Israel. Terra currently manages three hotels and is examining the potential of other hotels.


Terra provides strategic consulting and business advice services to companies, entrepreneurs, and investors in the hotel industry. This includes developing a hotel program and analysis, as well as a business plan to determine the feasibility of any given investment. Terra accompanies the entrepreneur during the architectural planning and interior design stages, in addition to the tender process, and oversees construction, development, opening, and ongoing management.


Terra invests in hotels in Israel and overseas and is in process of establishing an international investment fund for the acquisition of such hotels, in cooperation with a European hotel management company that is active worldwide.